The Williams collection consists of the papers of Ezekiel Williams Jr. and his family from 1721–1908. Ezekiel Williams Jr. (1765–1843) was a postmaster and insurance underwriter of Hartford, CT; his papers contain correspondence and business papers, including underwriting records for nautical insurance. The collection also contains papers of other family members––Mrs. Ezekiel Williams Jr. (daughter of Oliver Ellsworth), their son Oliver Ellsworth Williams and his family– including correspondence, legal documents and miscellaneous papers. In the correspondence are letters from notables such as Oliver Ellsworth, Chauncey Goodrich, Horace Greeley, Samuel Hopkins, Joshua Pitkin, Charles and Lydia H. Sigourney, and Cornelius Vanderbilt. Collection also holds papers not of the Williams family, including two manuscript poems by Lydia H. Sigourney as well as the diary of Dr. Samuel Wood.

Series I: Background

––Manuscript genealogical notes

––McLean, Mary Dyer (Williams), The Ancestors and Descendants of Ezekiel Williams of Wethersfield: Privately printed, 1907.

Series II: Papers of Ezekiel Williams Jr.

1. Correspondence

1.1. Letters from Williams

1.2. Letters to Williams (includes letters from Oliver Ellsworth, David Parsons, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Noah Webster Jr.)

2. Business papers

2.1. Nautical insurance policies and related papers (arranged by ship)

2.2. Non–nautical business papers

2.3. Miscellaneous papers

––Degree from Yale

––News clippings

Series III: Papers of other family members

1. Correspondence

1.1. From family members (alphabetically by sender)

1.2. To family members (alphabetically by recipient) Includes letters to Mrs. Ezekiel Williams Jr. from Lydia Huntley Sigourney, with MS poem (February 21, 1840); letters to Oliver Ellsworth Williams from Cornelius Vanderbilt and Daniel Webster

2. Legal documents

3. Miscellaneous papers

––A. H. Williams, list of silver

––Ellen Williams, Scrapbook, 1835

––Mary Williams, Scrapbook of devotional writings, April 17, 1844

––Ellen and Mary Williams, scrapbook, n.d.

––Rev. Solomon Williams, sermon, and genealogical note about

Series IV: Papers not of the Williams family

1. Correspondence

2. Legal and business papers

3. Religious writings––prayers and sermons

4. MS poetry

––Lydia Huntley Sigourney––"On the Death of Madam Williams", March 20, 1860
––M. H. Chippendale––3 bound manuscripts

––Anonymous––2 volumes

5. Miscellaneous Prose

––Anonymous––talk on the "Extravagance of Gentlemen"

––Anonymous––notebook on American and British pottery

––Dr. Samuel Wood of Norwich, CT, diary 1755–1767, 3 bound volumes

6. Autographs (various people, many torn from letters, perhaps ones within the collection)



Prepared by David Taylor & Susan Spitler January 1992
Prepared for electronic publication by Michael J. Breen '99, July 1999.