The Weber Collection consists of 16 boxes of papers reflecting William Weber’s career as a socially active Episcopalian minister. Items fall into three main categories: Weber’s personal life and career; various functions of the Episcopal church; and larger social causes.

Weber’s career was wide-ranging. A graduate of Stephens College of Columbia University and the General Theological Seminary, he was ordained in his hometown of Millville, New Jersey, 1935. In 1935 he began serving All Saint Episcopal Church in Valley City, North Dakota. He later moved to Arlington, New Jersey, to serve as Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church. In 1948 Weber left the parish for political reasons. On March 5, 1948 Weber participated in a demonstration protesting the detainment of six alleged Communists. This, along with his support for Henry A. Wallace, prompted the Vestry to ask for his resignation. From New Jersey Weber went to Littleton, New Hampshire, where he served as Vicar for All Saints Church and as the Chaplain of the diocesan girl’s school St. Mary’s-in-the Mountains. In 1957 Weber moved to Derby, Connecticut, serving at St. James Episcopal Church. From Derby, in the summer of 1964, Weber made a trip to Mississippi to help the Mississippi Freedom Project, serving as Chaplain for the student volunteers. Weber, with his wife Jean and his two children, Mary and William, later moved to New Haven, where he was active in urban social issues, focusing on civil rights and poverty.

Weber himself created the subject files used in the collection, and these files have been left intact even in cases where not all items within the file pertain to the subject. Items within the files have been reordered chronologically, with undated material preceding dated material. Several new files have been created for unlabeled folders and loose items. These processor-created files are marked with *. The entire set of files is reorganized into a processor-created series reflecting the main categories of the items.

Series I: Background

Series II: William Weber’s life and career

- Going to Arlington

- NJ- Bishop Gardener

- Newark Diocese- Bishop Washburn

- Arlington, end

- Arlington- ? Littleton

- Move to Littleton

- Weber’s trip to Mississippi and work with Mississippi Freedom Project, Summer 1964 * (file created by Weber, labeled by processor)

- Great Books

- Van Dyke plus (Andrew Van Dyke, Executive Secretary for ELSA; personal correspondence, newsletters)

Series III: The Episcopal Church

- AFSA (Anglican Fellowship for Social Action)

- AFSA- Correspondence

- Area Council (in New Haven, of Church Mission Association)

- Church

- CMS- steering committee (Church Mission Association of New Haven)

- N.H. Diocese- Social Relations (New Hampshire)

- Diocese- Urban Work (Diocese of Connecticut)

- ELSA* (Episcopal League for Social Action; file created by Weber, labeled by processor)

- ELSA Seabury Sept. 50

- ESCRU (Episcopal Society for Cultural and Racial Unity)


- Papers taken from envelope marked "ESCRU- 6th Annual meeting November 10- 13 1966" *

- Federal Council (of the Churches of Christ in America- newsletters)

- Rev. John Howard Melish case * (file created by Weber, labeled by processor)

- Newark Social Relations Spring 1947

- New England Gathering on Race Relations, Program Guide *

- New England Gathering on Race Relations, Program Guide * with items laid in: Bryan, John L. "The Beauty of Blackness" and other Negro papers *

- SCC (Society of the Catholic Commonwealth)

- Social Relations- Basic Salary

- St. Luke’s and the Neighborhood (New Haven)

- St. Luke’s- Mainly Vestry (New Haven)

- Summer School of Religious Education at St. Augustin’s College, Raleigh, NC June 12-16, 1966 (program booklet) *

- Urban Relations* (file created by Weber, labeled by processor)

- Witness (Episcopalian publication)

- Witness Contrib.’s

- Witness Issues

- Witness, plus

Series IV: Social Issues

- Co-ops (New Haven)

- CRRAC (Connecticut Race and Religion Action Commission)

- Delta Ministry (Mississippi)

- Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Albert Einstein, Chairman * (Form letter asking for donation, Albert Einstein’s signature)

- Newsclippings and notes on Julius Lester * (from Weber book collection; laid in Lester Julius, Lookout, Whitey! Black Power’s Gon’get Your Mama!)

- Mississippi * (file created by Weber, labeled by processor

- Mississippi: Current Materials

- Mississippi Talks and Materials Gov.

- Newark Rebellion

- The New Haven Disturbance, 19- 23 August, 1967

- NAACP (two folders)


- Political Handbook for Clay County *

- Redevelopment- General

- SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee)

- The South- Past and Present compiled by Mary Ann * (scrapbook of newsclippings from 1966, with flashback articles to 1860s)

- South Africa

Series V: Miscellaneous files

- Newspapers * (file created by Weber, labeled by processor: contains articles on civil rights, march on Washington, sit-in at Berkeley)

- Miscellaneous papers, n.d.- 1947

- Miscellaneous papers, 1953- 1966

- Newspaper originals

- Pamphlets

-Published by

- Industrial Christian Fellowship

- Monthly Review

- Society of the Catholic Commonwealth

- Miscellaneous publishers; divided by topic

- Christians in the World

- Foreign Relations

- Labor and Economics

- Miscellaneous


Prepared by Susan Spitler, July 1992. Revised May 1993 M.K.P.
Prepared for electronic publication by Michael J. Breen '99, July 1999.