Series I: Correspondence

--with Carlos B. Clark mostly dealing with a camera given by Clark to Hunter, which Hunter then used on his trip to Siam (1 carbon by Clark, 3 letters by Hunter).
--with Charles R. Green, Librarian of the Jones Library, Amherst, Massachusetts, on various matters including an exhibition on Hunter at the Jones Library (6 letters by Hunter).

Series II: Hunter and the A.I.G.A.

Series III: Miscellaneous

1. Hunter, Dard. "The difference between wove and laid," Chillicothe Mill News, June 1928, p. 13-17.
2. Dealers' descriptions of Hunter's books.
3. Two photographs of Dard Hunter.
4. Two Roycroft items designed by Dard Hunter (?).

Series IV: Prospectuses for Hunter's Books

Series V: Secondary Sources

1. Newspaper clippings.
2. Separate articles and small periodicals.
3. Articles in periodicals.


Prepared by J.H. Kaimowitz, Curator, August 1989
Prepared for electronic publication by Michael J. Breen '99, July 1999.