Series I: Background on Frost and the collection:

1. Notes on the collection
--Want List
2. Robert Frost Commemorative Stamp Issue
--Commemorative Stamp Portfolio
--Cancelled Stamps
--Plate of 50 stamps
--Miscellaneous information
3. Items on Clarke, Marian, The Robert Frost Collection in the Watkinson Library, Connecticut Printers Incorporated, 1974.
--Notes and Background
--Rough Draft
--Proofs (and receipts from printers)
--Notices of publication
4. Catalogues
5. Notes (Manuscript and Typed) on Frost
6. Lesley Frost Ballantine File
7. Miscellaneous
--Two prints by J.J. Lankes
--Notice of Robert Frost's death
--Chapter and Verse
--Anthology of American Poetry (Russian)
--Old card catalog cards

Series II: Correspondence:

--Notes and Lists
1. Manuscript letters from Robert Frost
--October 12, 1913-January 1, 1920
--April 11, 1921-August 10, 1937
--Photocopy of August 26, l930
2. Letters (MS and Typed) from others about Frost

Series III: Manuscript Poems:

1. Manuscripts
--At the Woodward's Garden-[Misc. Poems],1940
--Not All There-Wild Grapes
2. Typed copies of poems (two sets)

Series IV: Proofs:

--pages 8 and 9, "To a Thinker in Office" by Robert Frost, 1936. Signed.
--Illustrations for Robert Frost: A Bibliography by W.B. Shubrick Clymer and Charles R. Green, Amherst, MA, 1937.
--"B" set of proofs for Complete Poems, Robert Frost, 1949.
--Thompson, Lawrance, Robert Frost The Early Years, Holt, Rinehart and Winston Company, Inc., 1966.

Series V: Christmas and New Year's Cards:

1. Christmas Cards
--Lists and Background
2. New Year's Cards
--List and Background

Series VI: Periodicals: Poetry First Appearances:


Series VII: Periodicals: Other Appearances:

1. Poetry
2. Prose

Series VIII: Periodicals: About Frost:


Series IX: Ephemera:

1. Separate Printings
--Works About
2. Bookplates
3. Honors
4. Programs
5. Invitations
6. Advertisements
7. Book Jackets
8. Poems set to Music

Series X: Photographs:


Series XI: Audio Recordings:

--Cassettes and Reels
--Typed transcriptions

Series XII: Centennial at Trinity:

--Ephemera, Notes and Photographs
--Extras: Ephemera, Trinity Tripod (April 2, 1974)

Series XIII: Newspapers (Unsorted):

1. Poems in Newspapers
2. Newspaper articles about Frost
3. College Newspapers
4. Photostats


Prepared by Susan Spitler, January 1990
Prepared for electronic publication by Michael J. Breen '99, July 1999.