Cruikshank, George (1792-1878), English Illustrator and Caricaturist

Autograph letter signed, 8 April 1842 (to ‘My dear John’ [Auldridge?]), with a collection of 81 autograph letters written to Cruikshank. Letters to Cruikshank, dated 1830-1875, are from authors, artists and publishers, some relating to Cruikshank’s illustrations for various books. Some of the letters bear Cruikshank’s autograph draft replies and pen and pencil sketches. Of these letters to Cruikshank, 22 correspondents are not identified. A list of those identified is with the collection.

2 boxes: 1 box mss and 1 box annotated photocopies (annotations give names of correspondents, dates, and locations--when known--and summaries of contents, including mention of any sketches or notes in Cruikshank’s hand).

Names of correspondents with Cruikshank:





Akerman, John-Yonge Jackson, I.

Barker, Matthew Henry Jeffrey, John

Barrith, E. Kean, C.

Baughm, M. Leland, Charles G.

Beckett, Gilbert À Lewis, W.

Bell, Robert Keeley, R.H.

Blackwood, [Alese?] Mackenzie, William

Blanchard, L. Mead, Angus

Bradish, C. Neuthy, Richard

Britton, I. Oleon [?], John

Brown, Ford Maddox Phillips, Watts

Butler, T. Reynolds, Thomas

Cooke, Nathan Rownin, John

Cousen, J.W. Sandys, William

Dalziel, James Henry Smith, Wm. Thomas [by

Burnell, Robert?]

Dillon, Elizabeth Southern, Henry

Doyne, W. Talor, John

Eastlake, C.L. Thompson, John

Evans, Edmund Tupper, Martin F.

Fairburn, J. Warwick, W.

Fitzgerald, Perky Weekly Times, The

Frazer, Wm. Wright, Franmces

Garking, Samuel Wright, John

"Horace" Yates, Edmund

Howard, I.


Jackson, I.

Jeffrey, John

Kean, C.

Leland, Charles G.

Lewis, W.

Keeley, R.H.

Mackenzie, William

Mead, Angus

Neuthy, Richard

Oleon [?], John

Phillips, Watts

Reynolds, Thomas

Rownin, John

Sandys, William

Smith, Wm. Thomas [by Burnell, Robert?]

Southern, Henry

Talor, John

Thompson, John

Tupper, Martin F.

Warwick, W.

Weekly Times, The

Wright, Franmces

Wright, John

Yates, Edmund





Collection processed by student assistant Alison O’Byrne, ‘97, fall semester 1996.
Prepared for electronic publication by Michael J. Breen '99, July 1999.