The Clark family collection (1820-1876) contains papers of the brothers Spencer Morton, Ezra and George Hunt Clark. Spencer Morton was a furnace manufacturer in New York; his papers consist of correspondence regarding his family and various business ventures--including a joint mining venture with Ezra Clark in Granby, Connecticut and proposals (in Spanish) of J. Zepeda, a Central American entrepreneur, for the import and export of goods. Also in the collection is S. M. Clark's 1855 journal of a trip to Europe.

Ezra Clark ran a similar manufacture business in Hartford; his papers contain letters from Benjamin Silliman, Yale professor of chemistry, mineralogy and geology, advising the Clarks on ores and the Granby copper mine.

George H. Clark's papers consist of his manuscript and printed poetry.

The collection also contains papers of business ventures not directly linked to the Clarks--such as the New Almaden and Guadalupe quicksilver mines in California in which Philo Durfee, associate of S. M. Clark, held stock--as well as newspaper clippings covering the Civil War.

Series I: Background

Series II: Papers of S. Morton Clark

1. Correspondence
1.1. From Clark, S. M.
1.2. To Clark, S. M. (includes large groups of letters from Ezra Clark Jr., Maria J. Clark, Philo Durfee and J. Zepeda)
2. Business papers
2.1. Account sheets
2.2. Receipts
3. Personal papers
3.1. Passport
3.2. Journal of 1855 trip to Europe

Series III: Papers of Ezra Clark, Jr.

1. Correspondence
1.1. From Clark, Ezra Jr.
1.2. To Clark, Ezra Jr.
2. Business papers
1.1. Account sheet
1.2. Receipts
1.3. Partnership agreement (with Richard Bacon and S. M. Clark)
1.4. Court document, setting bond and court date for Ezra Clark

Series IV: Papers of George H. Clark

1. Manuscript poems
2. Printed poem--"The News" (Hartford: F.A. Brown, 1856)

Series V: Papers regarding business ventures not directly linked to the Clark family

1. Bringing the Telegraph to New Granada (Colombia)
2. Mining (instructions on feeding ore to furnaces, "Mineral wealth of Connecticut", Uses of quicksilver)
3. Papers on the Guadalupe and New Almaden quicksilver mines in California--Philo Durfee, a business associate of S.
M.Clark was a shareholder in the Guadalupe mine

Series VI: Miscellaneous (items related to the Clark family)

1. Letters to and from others regarding Clark business
2. Varia (including an inventory, a Spanish language exercise, public school Certificates of Merit for Edward Clark, receipts
for the education of Miss Harriet Clark and business receipts)

Series VII: Civil War newsclippings, including articles, maps and poems


Inventory prepared by Susan Spitler and Matt Orlando, January, 1992.
Prepared for electronic publication by Michael J. Breen '99, July 1999.