Dana W. Barton, Croydon, New Hampshire, December 1880- December 1881

The 1880-81 manuscript diary of Dana W. Barton (age uncertain) chronicles a year’s work of a Yankee farmer in Croydon, Sullivan County, New Hampshire. He notes the weather, his daily farming activities and courtship and marriage to Nell L. Clough. He spends most of the year building a home for himself and Nell, often making short trips with her and Cousin Clara to Newport of Grantham. Diary also contains itemization of some household expenses at end. Approximately 120 pages, plus blanks and printed pages.

Highlights from the diary:

January 19- Biddy’s [Nell’s] 22nd birthday; "My love for her [Nell] grows stronger every

February 28- writes of his love for Nell, "I love her ten times more than I ever did before and I don’t think my love will diminish. She’s the best Bid that ever was."

September 8- "Our wedding day. Worked till about noon. Got Mr. Grandy’s wagon. Had a great time I suppose. We came down to our house and stayed tonight."

September 9- honeymoon- "Started for Lynn this morning. Got down to Boston."

September 30- recipe for sausage

October 23- Barton and his new wife, Nell, stay in their new house for the first time

November 4- Gets hurt and is sick for most of the month

December 29- borrows $25 from Mr. Harding and gives Harding his vote; Joseph Lorein’s funeral

Memoranda pages- "Remember the 8th day of September [anniversary]"

Cash account pages and bills payable pages contain his household expenses, budget

* Note: Barton crosses out October 1, 1880, and writes January 1, 1881, so his later entries may not be the actual dates printed on the page.


Inventory prepared for electronic publication by Michael J. Breen '99, July 1999.