Watkinson Library, Trinity College



[Anonymous.] [Automobile Tour Scrapbook] 13-19 November 1933. Scrapbook with typescript. 36 p., 28 x 23.5 cm.

Record of automobile tour through the Midwest and south, from New York State through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Includes: typescript narrative (6 p.), 59 snapshots, 16 postcards and 17 small photos, 3 stereocards (of the Century of Progress Exposition). Narrative notes small towns, gas and meal stops, overnights, factories, activities and special events along the way (e.g., Harvest Festival in Oklahoma City).

Bascom, Doris (Mrs. William O.) "My first trip to California…" [with second, third and fourth trips to California]. Newton, NJ, 1933- 1940. Scrapbook with manuscript entries. 90 p., 30 x 41 cm.

Accounts of four trips from New Jersey to California and return, with manuscript entries and pasted in mementos. Mementos include a wide variety of ephemera- travel and tourist brochures and pamphlets, postcards, newspaper clippings, menus, receipts, matchbook covers, cocktail napkins, etc.
First trip, by car, 28 November 1933 to 28 April 1934 (p. 1-35).
Second trip, by train, 27 December 1935 to 16 April 1936 (p. 36-57).
Third Trip, by car, 5 December 1937 to April 1938 (p. 58-75)
Fourth trip, by train, 6 December 1939 to April 1940 (p. 76-89).
All but the fourth trip in the company of at least one other person. A rich glimpse of leisurely life in Los Angeles and southern California during the "season" in the 30s.

Dodge, F. Waldo. "Seeing New England on Four Wheels." Melrose, MA, 1929. manuscript scrapbook with photographs (55 l.)

The record of a family’s 9father, mother, young son) summer vacation in New England in the summer of 1929. Traveling in their car, with camping equipment, they set out from their home in the Boston area for a tour of the New England states, camping out each night. The text, which includes comments on the history of places visited, is illustrated with photographs.

Ehresman, Elsa. "Trip through Berkshires and White Mountains." 15-29 July 1922. Scrapbook with typescript, daily travel journal, postcards and other illustrations (clippings), brochures for YWCA camps, tourism brochures (accommodations and sites). (25 leaves; includes 10 p. [8.5" x 5.5"] text.)

Record of sight-seeing automobile trip taken by two women from Utica, NY, through northern New England (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont) and return to Utica. Text mentions other cars, meeting the "New York girls," and YWCA hostelries and camps.

Staubach, Charles P. [Automobile photograph album.] 1925-1928. album with manuscript entries.

Record of automobile tours, primarily through Sleepy Hollow, NY, Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Newark NJ, and Pine Orchard, CT. Family tours originating in Newark and Glen Ridge NJ. Quarto plain black ring binder album, 43 leaves, with approximately 1 to 2 images per side, and 1 typed index leaf. (Also 1 leaf manuscript itinerary of trip to Europe in 1927; images not in this album.) A number of images show the autos and their gear, rustic camp settings, bucolic Newark, a mini-golf course, shoreline resort. Each image precisely identified.