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William Joseph Schadach (1896-1982) was a sportsman, writer, painter, graphic artist, and illustrator, who was especially interested in depicting birds and fish and scenes of hunting and fishing.  Schaldach was born in Elkhart, Indiana.  When he was twelve, his family moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he graduated from Central High School.  He early showed ability as an artist and took lessons as an adolescent.  In 1919, he relocated to New York to study painting, where, after training at the Art Students League, he studied with teacher and artist Harry Wickey until the close of Wickey’s school in 1928.  Schaldach, during his ten years in New York, began his successful career as an illustrator and writer.  He went on to publish seven books, copies of most of which are in the Library: Fish by Schaldach: Collected Etchings, Drawings and Water Colors of Trout, Salmon and Other Game Fish (Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1937), Coverts & Casts: Field Sports and Angling in Words and Pictures (NY: A.S. Barnes and Co., 1943), Currents & Eddies: Chips from the Log of an Artist-Angler (NY: A.S. Barnes and Co., 1944), Carl Rungius, Big Game Painter: Fifty Years with Brush and Rifle (West Hartford, VT: Countryman Press, 1945), Upland Gunning: Collected Etchings and Watercolors of Sport in the Field and Allied Subjects (NY: A.S. Barnes, and Co., 1946), Path to Enchantment: An Artist in the Sonoran Desert (NY: The Macmillan Co., 1963), and The Wind on your Cheek: More Chips from the Log of an Artist Sportsman (Rockville Centre, NY: Freshet Press, 1972).  A number of these books reproduce the limited edition prints he created in drypoint, etching, aquatint, and soft ground etching.  The Library has a four-part ensemble of a separately published Woodcock illustration he did for Derrydate Press in 1931, which includes the original painting, the drypoint plate, an uncolored print, and a colored print.  Schaldach was also active as a painter in watercolor.


Summary of the Collection: The collection includes correspondence between Schaldach and his publishers (Macmillan, Freshet Press, Crossroads of Sport, Natural History Magazine, etc.), typescripts of some essays, copies of pieces published in various magazines (some under pen names), a few informal and unsigned pencil sketches, reviews and announcements of his books, and some personal correspondence, in particular with the automobile artist Peter Helck.  Also included is material relating to the publication of John T. Ordeman’s book on Schaldach.


Organized: in 3 series:


Series I: Background

Folder 1: Biographical information on Schaldach; donor information (Sally Bochus & John T. Ordeman); maps of Hopewell Indian Mounds.

Folder 2: Material relating to John T. Ordeman’s book, William J. Schaldach: Artist, Author, Sportsman (St. Petersburg, FL: John T. Ordeman, 1988), including 3 letters with Schnedierith & Sons and copyright certificate.




Series II: Schaldach’s Publications and Illustrations:

              Folder 3:  MS. “Forward” to new edition of Currents & Casts (unpublished). 3 l.

              Folder 4: Typescript introduction to Chips from the Log of an Artist-Sportsman (unpublished), 2 l.; “Borrowed Dog” (unpublished story  in typescript, 11 l.)

              Folder 5: The Wind on your Cheek (9 essays in typescript or photocopy of typescript).

              Folder 6: 6 miscellaneous ms. notes.

              Folder 7: 9 articles published under Schaldach’s name.

              Folder 8: 9 articles published under Schaldach’s name.

              Folder 8: 10 articles published under the pen names of Lee Covert or Lawrence Simpson.

              Folder 9: Reviews and announcements: Fish by Schaldach (1937).

              Folder 10: Reviews and announcements: Coverts & Casts (1943).

              Folder 11: Reviews and announcements: Currents & Eddies (1944).

              Folder 12: Reviews and announcements: Carl Rungius (1945); Upland Gunning (1946).

              Folder 13: Reviews and announcements: Path to Enchantment (1963).

              Folder 14: 8 original pencil sketches.

              Folder 15: Illustrations for other writers’ publications.


Series III: Correspondence and Other Communications:

              Folder 16: Ashley Co., 1960-1969 (3 royalty statements)

              Folder 17: A. S. Barnes Co., 1945-1969.  3 letters plus copy of 1 letter.

Folder 18: Crossroads of Sport, 3 Dec. 1959-9 Jan. 1969.  12 letters

Folder 19: Crossroads of Sport, 3 Feb. 1969-30 June 1970.  12 letters.

Folder 20: Crossroads of Sport, 8 Jan. 1971-19 July 1972.

              Folder 21: Freshet Press, 26 Aug. 1969-23 Oct. 1969. 11 letters & proposal.

              Folder 22: Freshet Press, 25 Oct. 1969- 29 Nov. 1971.  12 letters & contract.

Folder 23: Freshet Press, 5 Dec. 1971-15 June 1976.  (Includes personal letters from Myron Cohen, and photocopy of draft of “Introduction” to The Wind on your Cheek.)

              Folder 24: Freshet Press, 15 March 1975-25 Sept. 1978.  25 royalty statements.

              Folder 25: Peter Helck, 1963-1976 (background information and 10 personal letters plus a few photocopies of letters and photocopy of a letter from Harry Wickey).

              Folder 26: Hitchcock Associates, 1965 (one letter and flyers)

              Folder 27: Humes, Andrews & Botzow (Elliott H. Goodwin), 1968-1972).  10 letters.

              Folder 28: W. E. Hutton and Co., 1971-1972.  7 letters plus insertions.

              Folder 29: Macmillan Co., 28 Sept. 1959-2 April 1963.  11 letters & list.

              Folder 30: Macmillan Co., 7 May 1963-8 Dec. 1967, 11 letters & memo.

              Folder 31: Macmillan Co., 19 May 1969-4 Aug. 1971.  10 letters.

              Folder 32: Natural History Magazine, 1954-1955.  6 letters.

              Folder 33: Saturday Evening Post, up to 1971 (Robert and Jean Murphy). 

3 letters

              Folder 34: Miscellaneous letters from Schaldach.  3 letters.

              Folder 35: Miscellaneous letters to Schaldach.  A-H.  12 letters.

              Folder 36: Miscellaneous letters to Schaldach.  I-Z.  12 letters + announcement.


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