How to Cite Materials in the Digital Repository

When citing items in the Repository, a general rule of thumb is to treat The Digital Repository as if it were a library database (like JSTOR, Wilson Omnifile, Proquest, etc) or a general Web site. See examples of bibliographic entries for guidance, below.



In MLA style, the general format of your bibilographic citation would be as follows:

Author. “Article title.” Journal title volume.issue (year): pages. Trinity College Digital Repository. Web. Day month year.

For example, the article “Melville in the Customhouse Attic”  would be:

Hager, Christopher. “Melville in the Customhouse Attic.” American Literature  82.2 (2010): 305-32. "Trinity College Digital Repository. Web.  28 July 2011.

Similarly, an essay from The Trinity Papers would be:

Harvey, Sarah. "General Electric: A Modern Corporate Empire." The Trinity Papers (2011): 5-16. Trinity College Digital Repository. Web.  28 July 2011.



The thesis “Aphrodite and Her Influence in Prostitution” would be cited like this in Chicago style:

Kantor, Cydni. “Aphrodite and Her Influence in Prostitution.” Senior Thesis, Trinity College, Hartford, CT, 2011. Trinity College Digital Repository, .



For this image, a citation in MLA would look like:

Jaramillo, Jahn. More Than Just Scenery: One With the Cows. 2011. Trinity College Digital Repository. Web. 28 July 2011.